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Benefits of Breast Milk

Once the pregnancy is over, now it's time for you to breastfeed your baby. Undeniably breast milk is the most perfect and important food for the baby. So it's advisable to give breast milk to the baby if you are in good and healthy condition. Breast milk will not only make the baby grow up healthy and strong. There are a lot of people who also said that breast milk can build the emotional relationship between the baby and the mother.

breastfeeding Benefits of Breast Milk

The nutrients contain in breast milk are easily digested and absorbed by the baby's body cells. Breast milk contains antibodies that can protect infants from infectious diseases. Breast milk contains vitamins, minerals, protein, DHA, long chain fatty acids polyunsaturated, essential fatty acids, etc. To make you more understand about the the benefit and the advantages of breastfeeding, i will give you several points why it's better to give you breast milk than formula milk.

Benefits of breastfeeding for the baby :
- Breastfeeding contain best nutrition for infants
- Increase endurance
- Increasing intelligence
- Improve emotional relationship between the baby and the mother

The Advantages of breastfeeding :
- Breastfeeding does not need bottle.
- Breast milk is sterile, so it is not easily contaminated
- Breast milk contains antibodies against diseases caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi
- By breastfeeding, it means that you do not need to spend money to buy milk or cooking water to make the milk
- Breast milk rarely cause allergies to the baby
- Breast milk is rich in vitamins, minerals & iron
- Breast milk is easy to digest
- Breastfeeding will helps the mother to restore her body weight to normal weight

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