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Healthy Breast During Breastfeeding

Breast milk is the best food for babies, because it contain all the essential nutrients in ideal proportions. This will be good for the health of the baby. It was medically proven, breast milk is better for growth and development of the baby and build emotional relationships between the mother and the baby.

healthy breast during breastfeeding Healthy Breast During Breastfeeding

However, breastfeeding can be uncomfortable when the baby is sucking too hard, swollen breasts, sore nipples and many others problem. If you feel uncomfortable during breastfeeding, consider the following tips:

Breast Care

Breast massage will improve your blood circulation, maintain and train the nipples to keep clean and not easily scratched, and it will help the release of milk. Wash and dry your hand and then spread the baby oil to your breast. Pull and twist the nipples to the right and to the left of each 20 times. Then with both hands and fingers, hold the breasts and massage toward the nipple as much as 10 times.

For the last, massage the areola (the dark area) in the direction to the nipple with your thumb. Do this treatment twice a day. After delivery, a massage with palms slowly from the center of the breast upward, turn towards the side, bottom and back to front. Repeat those activities about 20-30 times. Then flush your left and right breast alternately with hot water 5 times.

Swelling, Sore and Cracked Nipples

If you experience breast sweeling, sensitive breast due to excessive milk, you must immediately overcome the problem before it becoming more severe. The easiest way is is by compress the breast with warm water or warm flannel.

Limit breastfeeding time for only 10 minutes for each feed. Stop breastfeeding at least 24 hours, if your nipple cracked to avoid infection. Keep your breast dry. Use bra pads that replaced regularly and bast your breast with lanolin oil.

Try make the baby suck the entire nipple while breastfeeding and use nipple protectors made of soft rubber during breastfeeding if there is wound. Immediately consult a doctor if the nipple was still wound.

Breast Milk that Permeate

Another problem that will make the mother uncomfortable when breastfeeding is wet clothes because of breast milk seepage. Beside it can damage your appearance, it is also not good for the health of mother and baby. The area around the nipple will be moist, so it can cause irritation and infection. To overcome this, avoid the use of a handkerchief, towel or tissue as it will make the breasts remain moist and humid. Choose a special bra pads to withstand breast milk seepage.

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