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10 Causes of Late Period

Every woman usually will have their menstrual period at least once every month. But when you missed period, you will be worry that there is something wrong in your body. Most women will think that it's the signs of pregnancy. But is pregnancy is the only reason why your period is late?

Causes of Late Period 10 Causes of Late Period

Missed period is not unusual, but there are a lot of women who experience it. There are variety of reason that causes late period. The following are 10 most common cause of delayed menstruation :

1. Stress

Can stress cause a late period? Of course, it can. The fact mentioned that this is one of the most common cause of delayed menstruation. Stress sometimes can trigger faster periods, but also can causes late period. Because when we are stressed, your body's systems will decrease the production of hormone (GnRH) that can affect your menstruation cycle. Try to relax and rest more than usual.

2. Excessive Exercise

Exercise is very good for the health of woman body. But excessive exercise will sometimes stop you to have a period. Many female athletes experience amenorrhea (the conditions where she is not having periods in a month). Sports is a intense and rapid way to lose weight. But it can also impact your menstrual cycle. Excessive exercise program will cause a lot of stress on woman's body. Additionally, woman who have low body fat usually can't produce enough estrogen for ovulation.

3. Eating Disorders

Beside excessive exercise, eating disorder can be one of the reason why your period come late. Some new research has proved that eating disorder can impact the menstrual cycle. The problem with eating disorders is similar to excessive exercise. You will have low body fat that can't produce enough estrogen hormone to ovulate.

4. Overweight

It's the opposite of point 2 and 3. Overweight can also delay your menstrual period. Body fat is the source of estrogen. So if you have excessive weight, your body will produce too much estrogen. As we know that estrogen and progesterone work together to maintain healthy menstrual cycle.

5. Birth Control

If you consume birth control pill, then it can be one of the reason why you have late period. The birth control is designed to control the pregnancy so make women do not menstruate for 3-4 months. Most hormonal birth control contain synthetic versions of the hormones estrogen and progesterone.  By altering your hormone levels, birth control stops ovulation, changes the quality of your cervical mucus, and thins your uterine lining which makes implantation difficult.  Some birth control methods will keep you from having a period, or will reduce the frequency of your menstrual cycles. So, when you use this pill, do not forget to study the impact to your body. If you are not sure, you can discuss it with your doctor.

6. Illness

Like stress, illness can also cause your period late. So it's normal if your menstrual cycle hasn't come when you got sick in before. Illness usually will delay your ovulation, means will delay your menstrual period too. This is usually temporary and will be normal when your body already healthy.

7. Change in Schedules

It's normal if sometimes your menstrual period schedules change. Many woman experience change in their period schedules. The reason why this can happen is because of your stress level and your activity. If you have been very busy and go from days to night at work, the change in schedules will tend to happen. Sometimes, there are women who even skip a cycle because of this.

8. Pregnancy

As many people know, pregnancy is one of reason why you don't have your menstrual period this month. However, not all delayed menstruation means pregnant. You can do a pregnancy test to make sure. There are a lot of pregnancy test you can buy in supermarket.

9. Menstruation Disorders

There are a lot of menstruation disorders. But the most common menstruation disorder is PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). It is a disorder when your body having excessive male hormones (androgens). Too much androgens will cause ovulation disorder and that will make their cycles become irregular.

10. Menopause
Menopause is also why you have late period or even don't have period at all. This is the period where you no longer ovulate or menstruate.



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  1. Yeah, stress be a big pain. Not only during your period but in the long run, can cause a lot of illness.

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