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10 Wonderful Experiences During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful gift that ever given to women. It is a amazing experiences to undergo 9 month period that full of new things. However, there are many women who worried about pregnancy. Many factors cause women feel worried about pregnancy, such as fear of miscarriage, fear of giving birth, worried about the future of your child and many other things. Naturally, these thinking cause many women feel afraid to pregnancy. But rather than reflect our concerns to something like that, it's better if you imagine some wonderful experiences you will encounter during pregnancy.

pregnant woman 10 Wonderful Experiences During Pregnancy

1. The Thrilling "Two Stripe"

When you expect the pregnancy, one morning, you go to the bathroom, hold your urine, then dip the pregnancy test instrument, await the result, the stripe line start to appear ... and wow two stripes!! Is it true that I am pregnant?? But you still do not believe, you do the test again on the next day, you do it again in the third, fourth and fifth day and the result is always the same : two stripes! That time, you will be very happy and run to your husband. That time you will said, "We'll have a child!", and your husband hugged back then repeatedly kissed your stomach. Is this not beautiful moment?

2. Baby Kick Experience

Feeling the baby move or kick when pregnant is one of the most beautiful experiences that are difficult to express by words, although sometimes it cause the pain to mother's abdomen. When pregnant women can feel fetal movement? Every pregnant woman will experience fetal movements in different time. However, pregnant women usually feel fetal movement in 16 weeks of pregnancy or could also start at 20 weeks of pregnancy. This movement depends on the sensitivity of the mother and the baby's activity. When the fetus moving and the hands or feet can be seen on the mother's abdomen, touch it, give soft feeling and affection to the baby. The baby will feel a sense of love and affection from the parents. This would give peace feeling to your baby.

3. Hear the Baby Heart Rate For First Time

When you do pregnancy check up during pregnancy weeks 12, the midwife or the doctor will check the health of your baby. That time the doctor will check the fetal heartbeat through ultrasound dopler. And you will be amazed when you hear the sound of the baby's heart rate in your stomach.

4. Ultrasound Examination

Seeing your child through the ultrasound examination and find that the baby is in good health is another fun moment for pregnant women. You will be more amazed when the doctors give copies of your baby ultrasound results. This will become beautiful memories in your baby photo album.

5. Special Treatment when you are Pregnant

Just try to ride the public bus that contain full of people when you are pregnant. Peoples will spontaneously give their place for you to sit. When you are shopping at the market, if you're pregnant and carrying a lot of groceries, people surely will spontaneously help you. When you are waiting in line, whether in line at the restroom, buy a ticket, queue at the checkout, you will often find that people in front of you will give you their place. Yes that's one of pleasure you can enjoy, there is always a red carpet for pregnant women.

6. You Will Have Friends For 9 Months

Now there's little friend that always accompany your day for 9 months. And you will not feel lonely anymore for 9 months. This little friend is always loyal to hear your complaints, happy to hear from you, hear stories from you, hear you singing everyday.

7. Baby Product Shopping

Women generally like going shopping. However, you will experience a whole new experience in shopping when you are shopping for the preparation of the child's presence. It will be very fun when you go to the mall and you have to shop with stuff like tiny hats, cute clothes, colorful socks, etc. This will be a unique shopping experience that you will get during pregnancy.

8. People Will be more friendly to You

Quite often when you are shopping at the mall, there some people you don't know will just say hello and smile to you. Friends in the office usually will be more attentive to you.

9. Appearance Is Your Best While Pregnant

Many women experience appearance problems due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Dry skin, oily face and a lot of acne, etc, but on the other hand, there are many pregnant women get their best appearance during pregnant. To some people, the skin looks cleaner and look more radiant during pregnancy. This is due to increased production of the estrogen hormone during pregnancy. Estrogen stimulates your blood vessels to get more effects of nitric oxide, which opens up the arteries and veins of your hair. As a result, blood flow to your baby increases and as a side effect, your skin seems brighter than usual.

10. Your Husband Will Be More Care to You

When go for work, some husband will have new habit when their wife get pregnant. Some husband start to kiss you every time he go for work. Sometimes they will talk to the baby in the womb every go for work and go home from work. During weekend, he will get up early just to accompany you to walk in the streets. Your husband will also help you if he see you seems tired to work housework. Husband will be more attentive and more care to you.

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