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Several Technique to Prevent Pregnancy

For those couple who already married, prevent pregnancy maybe is one of way to plan family program. Preventing pregnancy also will provides a time for the mother who just give birth and give them a chance to feed the baby until the child become more independent.

woman doing pregnancy test Several Technique to Prevent Pregnancy

Ironically some teenagers also need information about how to prevent pregnancy. Free sex is one of common lifestyle in many countries. Free sex sometime will cause pregnancy that usually are not expected by teenagers. Some people may be not too concerned about the prevention of pregnancy and use abortion if the pregnancy occur. But beside it means that we kill a baby that still in the womb, abortion also has a dangerous risk to the mother. So however, prevent pregnancy is still better than do the abortion.
From some of the reasons people want to prevent pregnancy, we consider it will be necessary to reveal the best way to prevent pregnancy. It is essential that husbands and wives have the information, if they need to prevent and delay pregnancy. Below are several way how to prevent pregnancy :

Prevent Pregnancy with Coitus Interruptus

Coitus interruptus method is a technique to prevent pregnancy by withdraw the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. By withdraw the penis before ejaculate, the sperm will not enter the woman's uterus. However, although this technique can prevent pregnancy, some studies suggest the success of the technique coitus interruptus to prevent pregnancy is strongly influenced by the ability of a man to feel ejaculation signs and how quickly they pull and get the penis out of the vagina. Because a lot of men who do not know exactly when they ejaculates, the percentage of prevention using this technique becomes very small. If there is a drop of sperm who enters the vagina, the possibility of pregnancy and transmission of HIV-AIDS is still relatively high.

Preventing Pregnancy with Calendar Technique

Calendar pregnancy prevention techniques are closely related to the ability of women to determine their fertile period. As has been widely discussed, sperm can live up to 3 to 5 days in woman's uterus to wait for ovulation. With the calendar technique, a woman is expected to prevent pregnancy by not having sex during 3 to 5 days before the fertile period and 2 days after the fertile period (the egg can live for 2 days max). Just like the previous method, this technique doesn't have 100% success percentage because sometimes there are misallocation of the fertile period.

Preventing Pregnancy with Contraceptives

Use of contraception is a common technique that been used to prevent pregnancy. Although the success rate of this technique is the highest among two previous technique, but a lot of people are reluctant to use contraception. Below are several of way to prevent pregnancy using contraceptives :


Condoms are the most common contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. The prices of condom is cheap and it could be found everywhere. However, using condom still have some risk to fail preventing pregnancy. Pregnancy can still occur if the condom leaked. Sometimes men also too late pull out their penis from the vagina so the sperm spilled inside the vagina.

Birth Control Pill

Birth control pill is another option to prevent pregnancy. Birth control pill are considered effective for preventing pregnancy. Birth control pill usually contain a combination of birth control hormone. This pill works to prevent pregnancy by keep the ovaries to not release the eggs. If the egg has already separated, birth control pill will prevent egg implantation in the uterus.

Implant / Norplant

It's similar with birth control pill. If Norplant already embedded in the woman body, it will releases hormones birth control continuously. Some research state that the success of preventing pregnancy using this technique reaches almost 99%


Another way to prevent pregnancy by injecting Depo Provera drug that contain certain hormone into the body of woman in certain time. This injections can be done monthly or quarterly basis. Same with pills and implants, the success rate of this method up to 99%

Diaphragms and Cervical Uterine Hood

By inserting diaphragm into the vagina for six hours before having sex, it's proven effective to prevent pregnancy. Diaphragm will prevent the entry of sperm into the womb / uterus. This diaphragm usually also equipped with a spermicide to kill sperm and prevent pregnancy. Since the diaphragm technique is difficult to be done, you should consult to specialist first.

Sterile Technique

The percentage of success to prevent pregnancy reach 100%. But using this technique will cause permanent infertility. There are two type of method, which are women sterile operation and men sterile operation (known as vasectomy). Both methods are done by surgery by an obstetrician. In women, the termination will be done by mount the ring on fallopian tubes to prevent the released eggs enter the uterus.

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