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Baby’s Sense of Hearing Development

Baby's sense of hearing begin to be formed when the baby is still in the womb since weeks 8 of pregnancy. The development of this sense of hearing will be completed in weeks 24 of pregnancy. During age 25 weeks, the baby will able to hear the voices around him, including his parents voice. So when the womb is 25 weeks, parents can communicate with their fetus in one direction. Talk to the fetus would a beautiful moment during pregnancy. The fetus will also feel happy and peaceful when he hear soft voices of his parents, and of course this will be very good for development.

baby sense of hearing Babys Sense of Hearing Development

When the baby is born into the world, the development of the sense of hearing is divided into several stages:

  • When the baby is just born into the world, he will aware of the sounds around him. Even baby will feel surprised when hearing loud noise suddenly.
  • When the baby is 3 months old, he will be happy when hearing the sound of his parents. He will be able to look in the direction of the sound source. The baby can also respond to parent voice by saying "ah" or "oh"
  • When the baby is 7 months old, he already familiar with the sound. In addition to his parents voice, the baby is able to hear and distinguish several different sound source around him, such as the sound of phone ring, the bell, television, radio, etc.
  • When the baby is 9 months old, he is able to hear sounds coming from another room, even though the sound is not loud.
  • When the baby is 12 months old, the baby is able to overcome the noise sound, when he wants to concentrate in his toys. At this age, infants already understand some words

Tests Baby's Sense of Hearing

Parents can perform tests to determine the baby's sense of hearing. By doing the test, they will know how good is their baby's sense of hearing. The test is grouped by age of baby :

  • For babies under three months of age, parents can do a test by clapping your hands behind your baby's head. If the baby is surprised by the sound of applause, then the baby's sense of hearing is functioning properly. But if your baby is not surprised, do not be too worried, try to repeat the test several times or over different time intervals.
  • For infants between the ages of four to six months, parents usually will test by calling the baby's name. Try to notice when his name was called, is the baby turned to you or respond to voice calling his name? You can also pay attention to how baby respond to other sounds that attract his attention.
  • For infants between the ages of six to nine, parents can test how good his sense of hearing by looking the responds when the baby hear sounds around him. Look how your baby react and respond to voice of telephony, bell sounds, television, and many other sounds.
  • For infants age 12 months and above, the test can be done by tell the baby to show objects he know around the room.

Babies that is born prematurely are vulnerable to hearing loss, as well as infants with parents who have hearing problems.

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